Best Wishes from Mariners Abroad

Mariners Abroad, a platform for Non-Resident Indian and Overseas Indian Citizen Mohun Bagan supporters aka ‘Mariners’ across the globe. Our members are spread across USA, Canada, Uruguay, United Kingdom, Norway, Germany, Finland, Malaysia, Japan, South Korea, Oman, Kuwait, Australia and having decades of professional experience working in different organization spread across the globe.

From the very first day of Mariners Abroad, its members, individually or collectively, were very much enthusiastic over the activities of Mariners Base Camp has been organizing in the green gallery. MBC has tried its best level to change the so called ‘gallery culture’ of Kolkata Football. The NRI Mariners, most of those who were not able to watch the matches from the stadium due to staying abroad for a long period of time and well aware about the ultras culture specifically in western countries, always kept faith on Mariners Base Camp that they will be powerful enough to make an impact of the gallery in a positive way.

Irrespective of the types of activities- the mask protest of Sanjay Sen, various tifo projects, ‘Sponsor-a-student’ where sponsored match ticket for students- Mariners Abroad always stood behind MBC and always made sure that lack of funds does not become a blocker of their activities. We might be staying several thousand miles away, sitting in a different time zone but we are sure at least someone on our behalf, shouting and cheering the players in the stadium and playing the perfect role of 12th member of the team being part of Ultras of National Club of India.

All the best to Mariners Base Camp for their future days, we, the NRI-mariners are always behind you.