Rabindra Sarobar Days 2016-17

Mariners’ Base Camp started their I-League 2017 season with a bang at Barasat Stadium. By then MBC had several fans’

3500 Square Feet Logo Tifo

The 3500 Square Feet Mohun Bagan Logo Tifo was first unveiled at the Kanchenjunga Stadium in Siliguri alongside the 2500

Mask Protest for Sanjay Sen

All India Football Federation, the governing body of Indian Football, suspended Mr Sanjoy Sen, the coach of Mohun Bagan for

2500 square feet Sector Flag

We came with the huge 2500 square feet green & maroon sector flag which was unveiled at the Barasat Stadium

Mohun Bagan vs Tampine Rovers

MBC on this day brought the 800 square feet banner along with another poster and tiles to the stands. They

First Derby Project

The name Mariners’ Base Camp (MBC) was coined after this keeping in mind the goal to unite numerous Mohun Bagan

Inception Day

It all started when few Mohun Bagan supporters got inspired by the gallery activities of the famous German football club