People like us who are asociated with indian football,are well aware of the terms like ultras ,chants ,tifos .A fan culture we used to see primarily in European countries,now we can see spreading rapidly in india .We, The Mariners’ Base Camp Ultras Mohun Bagan is one of the pioneers,who tried to change the environment in the stands and spread this movement to every corner of india. But who is these ultras? lets try to find an answer.

TIFO by Mariners Base Camp Ultras Mohun Bagan in Kolkata Derby

Football without supporters is like food without salt. Especially after this Covid-19/pandemic situation we could feel it so well. Because for many years we’ve seen supporters supporting their teams with their all. Those of us who usually go to watch football on the ground or watch it through TV are well known of hundreds of supporters working as a whole to support and encourage their club. One of them use to start a Chant and the others will follow him. Some of them would wave their club’s flag and some would play drums. This is there way to to encourage their team. Usually every supporters want their team to win, so they cheer for their team.But we all can admit that they are not just those ordinary supporters. They’ve taken this supporting/cheering the team to another level. They are the people who live for the club, who can easily sacrifice their lives for the club. They are known as ” Ultras” to
us. The term ” Ultras” is actually originated in Italy it is used worldwide to describe the most reliable, encouraged and predominantly organised fans of association football teams.

Fossa D noei Leoni and Boys San during their intial days

Nowadays we all know about this “Ultras Movement” , But when actually this movement got started? From where does it actually took place first?
To know the answers we will have to go back to the year 1950. Though there are so many confusions and doubts about the actual origin of the “Ultras Movement”.According to some before this particular Ultras group’s official activities got started there were many more groups doing these activities. But supporters groups of a nature comparable to the Ultras have been officially represented in Brazil since 1939 as Torcida Organizada . After getting inspired by the Torcidas, supporters of Hajduk Split formed Torcida Split on 28th October, 1950 which is still enough active. Though the names of “Torcida organizada” and “Torcida Split” are renowned as the first ultras groups but this Ultras Culture got evelated in 1960 in Italy. In 1960 two renowned and famous groups were established in Italy. They were AC Milan’s “Fossa Dei Leoni” and their arch rivals Inter Milan’s “Boys San”.
After that one by one many more ultras groups were formed. But till the date no one had specifically used the term “ULTRAS”. This term was first used in 1969 when the supported of Sampdoria formed the ” Ultras Tito Cucchiaroni” . After this the term “Ultras” was spread worldwide. So, this was the story of how the term came out. We will comeback the next day/the other day with the story of how this culture was started.