In our first episode we talked about how Ultras Movement was started, how a group in Italy used the the term “Ultras” for the very first time.

After this Ultras Movement was spread like wildfire in different countries. Even in Italy many big or small  groups were formed. They started to come out with their own merchandise. Even they also started to reserve a particular stand in the stadium for themselves. Mainly they used to reserve the stand behind the goalposts which is also known as ‘CURVA’, which actually is an Italian word, means a curved stand. Later with the away matches played across the Europe, this movement spread through all over Europe.

But in England this was alittle different. It actually started in the year 1970 by a special group, who were well known as the ‘Militant Supporter’ or ‘The Hooligans’ . Though many of us still mix up in the concepts of ultras and hooligans. We will  discuss it some other day to clear this confusion. In 1980s the hooligans of England suddenly got famous all over the world. In between this a few ultras groups of the clubs like crystal Palace, Lester City we’re formed. Even there were some clubs which used play in amature leagues have some ultras groups with anti-fascist ,anti-racist,anti homophobic left mentality. For examples we can say ‘Dulwich Hamlet F.C.’s ultras group ‘Comfast Chapter’ who used to address themselves as communists. Beside that fans of famous Irish club celtic FC formed “Green Brigade” which is very famous till now.THEY used to raise their voice and protest with tifos regularly for independent Ireland.

From the end of 70’s to 80’s the ultras culture started to spread in Spain . Mainly during the 1982 World Cup this fan culture got  famous in Spain. You can see a mixture of Italian and English fan culture in Spain’s ultras culture. Here we can see this ultras are extremely influenced by political views. Mainly 3 types of political mentality can be seen in these ultras —

Type 1 :-

Ultras with extreme right-wing mentality like “Ultras Sur”,  ultras of the famous club ” Real Madrid “. The group was formed in 1989,it is one of the famous groups in Spain. Other than that the ” Supporter on(Betis) ” , “Front Athletic (ATM) “, ” Ultras Yomus(Valencia) ” were some more effective right-wing.

Type 2 :-

The ultras group who are actually nationalists. They were associated with the freedom fight of their native province like Catalonia, Basque, Galicia. “Boys boixos” the ultras of “FC Barcelona” Was one of them. They started in 1981 , after that they made many tifos, composed songs to raise their voices for free catalonia. Other than that “Red for(Osasuna)”, ” Herri norte(Atletico bilbao) “, ” Celtarras(celta vigo) ” were the ones who were associated with the nationalist movement in their provinces.

Type 3 :-

These bunch of   groups of believe in extreme left mentality. They are less in numbers than the rest two types and even less in strength. These groups formed mainly with people from working class with a  Anti-fascist, Anti-capitalist mentality. “Biris norte” The ultras of Sevilla was one of them which was formed in 1975. It was the first and one of the largest groups of Spain. “Bukaneros(Vallecano Ray) “, ” Yellow Brigade (càdiz) ” were few of them. This movement spread to different places like Greece, turkey, Hungary, Portugal, France besides Spain.

We will take a break for now.we will be back sonn with an another new episode of History of Ultras.How this movement spread all around the world and how this movement evolved with time will be discussed in the next chapter.