In this way I became a part of mariners base camp — Souparno

Hey… this is Souparno… an urdent supporter of ultras culture in the football field and also a die hard worker of Mariners’ Base Camp.. I came to know about this movement on our Sarovar days… i still remember that match between Mohunbagan AC and Bengaluru FC. That electrifying atmosphere out there at that stadium. Even that match was really prestigious for our team.. Suddenly I saw that bunch of guys are shouting and chanting for the team from behind the goal post.. Those people has full of energy and passion for their club.. I eagerly wanted to know that who they are.. and i came to know about them The Mariner’s Base Camp one of the best ultras in India… then slowly i became a soul member of that group we worked on various projects together.. thats all for today… thank you