At the end of Calcutta Football League 2019 MBC received an offer from Blue Pilgrims, the ultras of Indian Football team to collaborate with them to prepare for the activities they planned on Indian-Bangladesh World Cup Qualifier match. MBC being the ultras of the National Club of India readily accepted the offer for the national cause. Together with Blue Pilgrims and EBRP, MBC pulled off the best gallery activity in any national team game till date. A huge tifo depicting the supporters of the three giants of Kolkata Maidan standing shoulder to shoulder as 12th man of the National team was unveiled from one side of the Salt Lake Stadium. From another side was unfurled MBC’s 100 feet National Flag tifo. In the middle they pulled off a tri-colour mosaic. The best thing about this collaborative venture was the fact that perhaps for the first time in the history, the arch-rivals worked together side by side for the cause of the National team under the umbrella of Blue Pilgrims.