MBC faced severe police aggression 2018-19 – ACAB

MBC faced severe police aggression during this season at the Salt Lake Stadium as they were restricted from entering into stands with their huge tifos, drums & megaphones. As a signature protest of the ultras against police atrocities, MBC marched outside the stadium on a match day with an ACAB banner that earned them a lot of respect in the ultras’ communities around the world.

But this came at a cost, as MBC was barred from entering into the stands with any of their banners and tifos on the Kolkata Derby, while the rivals were allowed to take theirs in. For the rest of the season MBC called off their activities in protest against this discrimination and several other fans clubs and groups joined them in the protest. The stands were boycotted and protest march was organized outside the stadium on every match day. This continued till the demands were fulfilled.