PYRO Show & Chants 29th July, 2019

July 29 is the auspicious day, in the history of Mohun Bagan as well Indian Football. On this day, Mohun Bagan became champion of the IFA Shield in 1911, defeating the British teams. On every year, this year is celebrated in Mohun Bagan Club with various activities.

In 2019, Mariners Base Camp released the official premier of the song ‘Sedin o KhelechiloMohun” on July 29. The music was played live in the Mohun Bagan Ground. In the evening, Base Camp did a Pyro Show in the Mohun Bagan Gallery North Stand- where base camp do their activities, commonly known as ‘Base Camp Zone’.


This was the biggest Pyro Show on any non-match day in Indian Football- the gallery turned green and maroon and became mesmerizing for any mariners. “Smoke is healthy, Pyro is an Art, Our Heaven, Mohunbagan Math (Ground)” and practiced Viking Claps, by cheering the immortal eleven team who played 108 years ago wearing the same jersey.