Releasing “Sedin o Khelechilo Mohun”

Rupam Islam, an ardent Mohun Bagan lovers and a stalwart of Bengali Rock Music in the current generation, and many base camp members are fan of him. One of them, Rejul Ghosh, a passionate musician, paid his tribute to Mohun Bagan Immortal eleven, the teams who played in 1911 against the British teams in IFA shield and became champion. He got inspired by the famous Bengali song- “Nil Rong chiloBhisonPriyo” composed by Rupam Islam- and re-composed with his lyrics- “Sedin o Khelechilo Mohun Bagan”.

Mariners Base Camp shoot the music video in various part of Kolkata- Mohun Bagan Ground, PricepGhat, Kolkata Maidan, Boats on Hooghly river and various corner of colonial North Kolkata- Baghbazar, Kumortuli for 10 days.  After ‘Manjappada’, Mariners Base Camp is the second fan community, and the first Ultras in India who did such types of shooting. 

Rupam Islam himself was very glad to listen to the music and he send a video message wishing the Base Camp Team, which was quiet motivating for the team.

The Music Video was a gala hit! The teaser was leaked on July 15, exactly 2 weeks before the auspicious July 29, the Mohun Bagan Day, the golden day of the Mohun Bagan and Indian Football history. The fans literally flooded the mailbox with message asking for the full version.

It was released on July 29- and all time hit. Within 24 hours, it was more than 12.7k watch made proud day for us. So far, the music video has been watched by 57k times which is obviously a great success for us.

Watch the music video here: