Welcoming The New Spanish Coach

2019 season was a new beginning for Mohun Bagan as the management recruited José Antonio Vicuña Ochandorena(commonly known as Kibu) and for the first time, a European got the hot seat of Bagan’s chief coach, with newer expectation, specifically when there was no national level success since 2016. Kibu arrived Kolkata, with his assistant ThomasNSCB International Airport on June 27, 2019. Marriners’ Base Camp members welcome the new coach and assistant coach in the airport with the chant- “ওহ ভিকুনা / কিবু ভিকুনা / জয় শুধু জয় চাই / আর কিছুনা” (Trans: Oh Vicuña, KibuVicuña, we want only victory, nothing else).

Mariners welcome the whole team on the introductory practice session in the Mohun Bagan Ground on the very next day. The players and the coaching staffs were welcomed with flowers, wishing for the new season.