What is “Ultras Culture”? — Sayan Das

What is ultras? Does ultras means violence against opponent supporters?These are the questions always come popping into the conversations.But there’s much more in ultras movement than negativity. Before, I used to go to the stadium to watch my team Mohun Bagan play. But now I go to support my team. As they work hard on the pitch to get the desired win, we sing,scream & shout to let them know that they aren’t alone in this fight;that we are with them in this wild ride. As they try to outplay the opponents strategy,we make sure opponent feel as if they have visited hell. As my team work hard in training, we work hard to make tifos and mosaics..just to motivate the team. Thank you to Mariner’s base camp, to make me a fan of Mohun Bagan from just a supporter. We  
are young and we all have our ups and downs..but the only thing matters is the unity.We have a long way to go.. just like our club which is now 130 years old and supported by generation after generation of fan,and hope this movement will move on forward and to the better future.
All the best.
Joy mohunbagan